Rev. Dana Worsnop Unitarian Universalist Minister
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Unitarian Universalist Minister Dana Worsnop


Hello to the Good People of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura,

I am thrilled to accept your search committee’s invitation to be your candidate for minister!

I was drawn to your church from the first moments of the search process. My sense of calling grew with each step toward deeper knowing of the congregation through the ministerial search committee. They represented you with such devotion, wisdom, discernment and delightful doses of good humor. They’ve done a grand job of expressing your hopes, dreams and some of the challenges you face as a congregation.

I am looking forward to getting to know you even better during Candidating Week, April 23-May 1. I very much hope you will be able to come to at least one of the many scheduled events and activities through the week.

I have a strong sense of the excellent ministry we can do together.

With a fullness of anticipation,
and heartfelt blessings,
Rev. Dana

I am eager to get to know you all at UUCV, your dreams, your hopes, the ministry you see us doing together.

I have been a parish minister for 13 years, 10 as the settled minister at Atkinson Memorial Church in Oregon City, Oregon and 3 years as an interim minister in Calgary, Alberta and Boise, Idaho. The partnership forged between minister and all three congregations brought a sense of community, mission, spiritual depth and public witness for justice to a fuller realization. We made our missteps, too, and did our best to learn from them.

I was drawn to the ministry at UUCV because from all I have seen, you “do church” so well. The experience I have gained in my first 13 years of ministry seems to fit so well the places you are poised to deepen and grow. And I suspect you have things to teach me and that my ministry will also yet deepen and grow among you. You are such a grand community, caring for one another well – with love, honesty and commitment. Yours is a powerful ministry in the wider community. I am eager to discover where this ministry together will carry us. I hope we may plumb the depth and breadth of this powerful living tradition of Unitarian Universalism, grow our spirits and, together, find ways to make the world a more just and compassionate place.

In the pages ahead, you will find more about my ministry, my gifts and passions. I suspect one or two of my foibles will come through as well.

Portrait of Dana - 2015

Boise, 2015

My roots are in the Midwest and I have lived in many of North America’s great cities – Chicago, Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto, Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho. (The last may not make a top ten list of great cities, though I found it a wonderful place to live, and had great fun doing ministry in the state capital.) In previous career incarnations, I was a newspaper reporter and editor and an elementary school teacher. I bring a wealth of experience and perspectives to the ministry.

Please read more about me on the biography page.